Exploring Granada with family

This time the challenge came from my father. We were thinking about our usual winter trip, Serra da Estrela, until he suggested, "what if we go to Granada?" There was no need to say anything else. Let's do it!

First of all, I must say that this trip was a challenge. First because my parents forced me to slow down: my mother likes to go on trip but to rest and not to walk from one side to another like me and my father. My father likes to be the one to decide what we are going to see and visit, weren't he a historian. For my boyfriend whatever the plan is, it's great as long as he has a few hours to enjoy the comfort of the hotel.

We arrived in Granada at the end of the day and after we settled in and explored the area where we were staying, we went to Tasca El Conde for dinner, in a very crowded neighborhood full of nightlife, especially considering it was Friday. Highly recommend! The tapas are fantastic, the service attentive and the atmosphere relaxed.

The next day, after a very energetic breakfast, it was time to explore the historic center of Granada.

I lost myself instantly in Alcaicería, a typical Arab commercial district, and decided to do some shopping (which didn't pleased my father). We continued through the Cathedral, some emblematic squares, such as the Plaza de Puerta Real or the Plaza de Isabel La Católica, until we reach the long-awaited Alhambra, this space beloved by all and a must-see monument for those who visit the city. Just not.

After a difficult walk, we found that to enter you have to buy the tickets in advance and there are daily limit to sales. How wonderful! Yes, it's a measure of protection against the countless tourists who visit the space every day, every year. There are places where the visit is free but obviously the main rooms and palaces are not. An error that I will not commit again, but it wasn't easy to overcome.

We prepared to go to Sierra Nevada. I was thrilled because I wanted to try snowboarding, it was a beautiful day and after the previous episode I thought it would save me the day. Once again I was wrong. We went to eat something first - the disappointment makes us hungry, for those who don't know - and we ended up getting to the top at 3pm. Obviously we didn't find a place to park the car and my idea of being radical had to be postponed.

And it was at this point, when the day seemed to be completely ruined, that we had more fun as a family. We enjoyed the snow, played, recorded everything and went away happy with our lives. We remembered the reason for this trip: the family, take a break in the day to day. And I hadn't left the country with my parents for many years. It was very fun to see my boyfriend ordering cañas without mercy for my father, to see my mother try her best to keep up with our pace as we explored the city center and her happiness in semi-building a snowman. Knowing more or less than we had planned, are often the people who make our trip worth so much and become such a good memory.

The next day we still had time to get to know the viewpoint of San Miguel and pass by my dear Seville to eat once more. And order some more cañas.

Until next trip!