Serra da Estrela: between the icy mountains of the highest point of Portugal

More than a year later, I came back.

The Serra da Estrela is one of those places where I want to return every year. A place that gives me calm and that even the cold that is felt in winter cools my heart.

I don't quite know what it is: if it is the breathtaking landscape; if it is the magic of the lakes between the mountains or if it is the pleasure that gives me to lead on these roads - or will the roads that lead me?

Serra da Estrela is a place with a pure beauty, whether in winter, with the snow-covered mountain range or in the summer, where you can enjoy even better views of the clear sky. I've been here in these two seasons but no doubt that winter is my favorite season - although I have difficulties in dealing with the cold...

Although I have been in the highest point of Continental Portugal for several times - since I was little I visit Serra da Estrela with my family - this year the weather was the best I have ever encountered. Little cold, clear sky, but because of snowfall that had fallen in the previous week, the saw found himself full of snow.

An incredible landscape that reminded me, again, why I want to return every year. Here I feel calm and losing myself in the paths of the mountain means a new discovery, a new adventure.