Welcome 2018

Last trip of 2017, first of 2018. A New Year arrived, as well as an opportunity to make a short break. To finish (for now!) the Alentejo destinations, we followed for the third consecutive time to Reguengos de Monsaraz, the wine capital of the Alentejo.

We stayed with friends who, as always, received us very well in the Horta de Santo António.

The first thing to do was to know Monsaraz and there are few better things than ending the day in the ancient village of schist and see the sunset at Alqueva.

The next day, the stop was a place with immense success this summer, the river beach of Monsaraz, where we stopped for a coffee and enjoyed the sun on that cold day. The Alqueva dam is known as the Great Lake. Although less worrisome than in other areas of the country, it was able to realize that the water level is much lower than normal due to the drought that the country has faced this year.

And the visit continues. We continue to the Convent of the Orada - which is sadly closed and almost abandoned today - and to the megalithic monument that is only a few meters from the place.

As I am a person who likes to know the traditions and I find funny the old superstitions and rituals, the Rock of Valentine (Rocha dos Namorados), in São Pedro Corval, was a point that woke me curious and, because of that, mandatory in this script. Legend says that single girls, with their backs to the rock, and with their left hand, should throw a stone into the rock until they get the stone up there. The number of failed attempts will then correspond to the number of years left for the girl to marry. It was very funny but let's not talk about how many times I failed...

Last stop of this mini script: Fonte do Telheiro. This fountain dates back to the eighteenth century and draws the attention of those who pass for being so simple yet so beautiful, with strong and typical Alentejo colors.

The last day of the year was spent by the fireplace, surrounded by friends and my boyfriend, in a place where so much calm and happiness brings me. There is no better way to start a new year, a new stage and new challenges.

Welcome 2018!