Med, the beginning of the festival season

As always, I was present at one of the best Algarve events in my opinion, the Festival Med in Loulé, which celebrated its 15th edition this year.

Already said several times but again I emphasize: Med is one of the festivals with the best environment I know. Not that others don't have it but for being a concept so different from the other music festivals that take place all over the country. Starting with the style of music, the place where it's performed and ending with the people who attend it. Families, young people, children and even the older louletanos, who don't miss a city party.


This year St. Peter didn't helped much and unfortunately other obligations didn't allow me to go every day as usual but let's talk about music. One of the things that gives me more pleasure at Festival Med is discovering new artists and new styles of music. The truth is that commercial music we hear everywhere and sometimes we want something different, something new and according to our mood, in my case, for example.

My favorite show was undoubtedly Morgane Ji's, on Cerca Stage. My attention was completely stuck in this exotic artist. Besides the musical originality, I especially liked the authenticity she transmitted to me. The performance of the group La Pegatina was very excited, in a completely different record.

Another year, another edition and, as always, another pleasant surprise. Until 2019!