The Rota de Tapas Estrella Damm is back

Last year, the Rota de Tapas Estrella Damm finally arrived in the Algarve capital. There were several restaurants that joined and many tapas and beers served. This year the event has returned and, of course, with more news: more restaurants and more cities- Aveiro, Évora and Viseu join the cities that are already part of the route (Lisboa, Porto, Faro and Braga).

Of course I went to try the tapas chosen by the chefs for this edition and decided to go to different restaurants of which I had gone last year. I just wasn't expecting to make such a 'beginner error': well, I didn't notice the schedules and not every restaurants serve until the same hours. As I went late in the night, I couldn't go to the 3 I had chosen but only two.

The first, the Académico restaurant, served a carpaccio of veal with parmesan and flavored with balsamic vinegar. The second, the Japanese restaurant Sushi Ya Fusion, exceeded my expectations. The chef served sushi puri & sashimi(a crispy rice cracker with salmon & mango, accompanied by braised sashimi). Simply delicious.

If you also want to try new delicacies at an affordable price (3€), accompanied by a Estrella Damm, you can't miss this event until June 10th. Once again, you can qualify to win a trip to Barcelona with dinner included in a gourmet tapas restaurant, having only to collect at least three different restaurant stamps on the Rota map, take the best phot of the event (including a tapa and a Estrella Damm), post it on the brand's Facebook page with the hashtag #rotadetapas and fill out the questionnaire and personal data present on the event's map. Have fun and good tapas!