Back to Barcelona

It’s incredible how the impossibility of traveling makes us even more willing to do it, but it also gives us time to remember the places we have been to.  

The first time I visited Barcelona was in 2013. Three days that made me surrender to the city, covering all the tourist and mandatory points. This time, the visit was shorter, but still, the stopover in the capital of Catalonia for Menorca gave me the opportunity to revisit it calmly, without the rush of wanting to be everywhere.

There was time to linger at the Arc de Triomphe before it started raining cats and dogs; to take a long break at Plaza del Rei; to walk quietly on the Rambla to the monument to Colón; to drink a coffee next to the Sagrada Familia and enjoy the beauty and evolution in the last 6 years.

The Sopa Boba

I walked the endless avenues for about 20 minutes and, with the help of Google Maps, I arrived at the restaurant in mind for what would be the only dinner on my short trip to Barcelona.

"Do you have a reservation?" No, I hadn't. "So it’s not possible, we have all tables booked until the end of the month." At the time, we were in the beginning of October 2019. Discouraged and unwilling to walk the path back to the hotel on an empty stomach, the employee was kind enough to recommend another restaurant nearby, he said, “of the same type”. Luckily, there was a free table and the suggestion didn't disappoint at all.


Barcelona doesn’t disappoint me, it doesn’t tire me. I like to walk the streets and feel almost like an open air museum. There is so much to see and to do. Too bad it’s always with so little time. By my will I would stayed a few more days. This time, I'm glad it didn't happen. The next day on returning to Portugal, the riots started over Catalonia's well-known desire for independence. Little did I know that a year later, Barcelona would return to chaos, now due to a pandemic.