Lagos: a city that became mine

A small town in the western Algarve. A city full of sea, wind and History. The city of my childhood. A place that even today, after so many years, continues to surprise me and for which I fall in love.

Where it is so easy to find people with an open mind, different ways of seeing life, available and fun. Where there are countless nationalities and where in the summer it isn’t always easy to speak portuguese.

A city with museums, culture, tourism. A city with calm and nature trails - 5 minutes from the city center. 

Where are some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe - and in the world. And I'm not the one to say it, but I could. A city that I want to keep just for myself, keep it intact, and at the same time share it with the world.

This isn't the city that has seen me grow. But it is the city that I chose in early 2017 to be my new home, after deciding to leave my dear Lisbon.

Do I miss the hustle and bustle of the capital? Sometimes. Do I miss the modernity, the 'everything happening here'? I do. Do I miss the smell, the sound and to see the sea at every corner? If I miss having a coffee with calm and the day seems to have more than 24h? Do I miss the beach walks in the sun at any season? No, I have all of this here. I don’t miss anything.